Kama Sutra – Book of Healthy Sex

Kamasutra of Kamasutram is an age-old book about sex education. This book is generally mistaken as the book of Tantric Sex. In actuality it is like a address in accent of sex in animal life. It narrates assorted facets of anatomical acts done by man and woman. It is a book of educating us bender abysmal acquaintance and accord amid two genders, macho and female.

Theme of Kama Sutra

Written by a Hindu philosopher called Mallanaga Vatsyayana, this book represents acumen of the humans active in age-old India. Though the exact time is bond known, but Vatsyayana lived in Varanasi, India. It accept to be the aeon of Gupta Empire, spanning from fourth to sixth aeon AD.

The book is like an ascendancy in the science of sex that is accustomed as Kama Shastra in India. The anatomical act was not anathema in age-old India. It was aswell advised to be sacred, as it keeps the animal chase continued. Kama Sutra is based on accompanying capacity of abundance and physique amusement that the acts of sex accord to the men and women.

KamaSutra, the Book of Sex Education

The book is accounting in agreeable accent consisting 1250 verses. It is disconnected into 36 altered capacity allotted to accurate aspect of sex amid man and woman who are able of adequate sex. It educates the clairvoyant about a lot of of the aspects apropos man and woman relationship. The capacity covered ranges from ‘how to adore kissing’ to ‘how to ability the orgasm’. The accent of foreplay and caressing are anecdotal and their accent in authoritative a accomplice to accept sex is highlighted. All the factors which activate the admiration for accepting sex are broadly described. Accounting in Sanskrit language, the aboriginal adaptation of Kama Sutra is believed to be done by Captain Richard Francis Burton in the year 1885.

Templesof Khajuraho: Depicting Sex in Sculpture

The carvings and sculptures done on the walls of temples of Khajuraho (India) characterize assorted acts of sex anecdotal in the book of Kama Sutra. These carvings authenticate how the bodies of men and women complex in anatomical acts can be able-bodied positioned to access best amusement out of the acts. The temples are congenital in the medieval period.

KamaSutra in Literature and Movies

Many writers accept taken advice of the abstracts accustomed in this book to highlight the affair or accountable they anecdotal in their books. Even the novelists of all the ages accept consulted this book of acumen whenever they capital to apprehend some accurate passages about the a lot of affectionate accord amid man and woman. There are amount of movies, which accept accustomed the capacity anecdotal in Kama Sutra.  

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